MT Daw not showing up

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First off. Thank You!

I've very excited about this and really appreciate all of your work!

I have MT DAW on both my iphone 5 and ipad 3 .. although for some reason it is not showing up on the list of apps available in audiobus.

So far the only thing I've done is a hard reset (no results)

Should I uninstall MTDAW and reinstall to see if that works? Am I the only one?

I'm sure this will all work itself out along with other expected first time launch bugs.

Thanks again! It's a great Monday ;-)


  • I had the same issue. I went to the MT DAW page in the app store and there was an UPDATE button. I installed the update and then it showed up for me in Audiobus
  • That did the trick! Thanks patgallant!
  • I have the same problem....on my iPhone 5 it's ok...but in my iPad 2 can't see multitrack DAW in your output...
  • Just have to download the update as mentioned above Sinapsya. Use the App store app, find multi track daw via the search bar.. it will say update when you get to their page. Install update. Should do the trick
  • need to reinstall....I have re-download MT DAW and all is ok...
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