Save and restore project settings

Could there be a save and restore project settings option? For instance you may have 3 or 4 apps open with particular settings set up and want to be able to save the project to work on at a later date. Audiobus could have a 'save and restore all' and the individual apps could just have an option to restore their own settings from the audiobus 'project board' should you want to disregard other app settings. The 'project board' could be backed up to drop box? Obviously each app would have to implement an audiobus api for this to work?


  • Would it be enough if the project board would be backed up to icloud?

  • Saving project settings would be very nice.

  • I think this is true of a lot of ios apps.
    In the studio / home recording setup it's not such a big deal but live the last thing you wa t to be doing is manually poking settings and twiddling virtual knobs in between songs. With audiobus the iOS platform is more than ever capable of being used as an fx processor / synth / looper in a live situation all controlled by a midi floorpedal/ controller but the thought of having to poke at my iPad to adjust a tempo or other setting in the "high risk of cockup" live situation just gives me the willies!
    May be its because most of my live background I have been using digital floorboards where one tap of the foot can change every parameter of your set up repeatable and accurate.

  • Does this mean it's something you've already thought of Sebastian? I'm sure iCloud would be fine. Not sure of the pros and cons. Might not nescessarilly want the auto back up of iCloud, it would be better a user choice.

  • Of course we've thought of it. :D
    It's just not part of the featureset of 1.0.

  • was thinking how incredibly cool it would be if this also included a way to send midi program changes to apps that understand them when recalled.

    In a crazy ideal world... apps that support program changes would transmit them to Audiobus any time a preset was selected in that app. Audiobus would quietly store a reference to it. If, while that reference is still alive, an Audiobus 'setup' was saved, that program change would be stored with it. When the setup is loaded, Audiobus would send the program change back.

    It occurs to me that there are (at least) two pretty different use cases for recallable Audiobus setups: First is like an artist selecting paints and materials and a blank canvas. Second is like an artist going back to work on an previously started painting. I know it's a bit of a pipe dream but it would be magic for me if Audiobus helped with the second use case as well.

    Maybe in 2014!

  • This would turn my ipad into a trustworthy useful live rompler/synth! Without it changing patches and recalling cool sounds takes far too long.

    Definitely my #1 request for Audiobus!! Using Galileo, sampletank, imini, iGrand, and tornado all with one big snapshot of presets and settings would be too damn cool!!! Particularly if it could activate and deactivate synths as necessary for the "global patch preset"

    Any word on when or if this might be possible?

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