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Sounds of the Earth

edited March 2016 in Creations

A brief field recording of spring sounds this morning.

Because every once in a while we need to unplug and just... hear.

Anyone else enjoy recording nature sounds?


  • Of course, all iOS. Recorded on iPhone.

    Post processing In AUM on iPad ... Compressed the heck outta those birds. And high pass filter on the highway noise ;-)

  • This makes me happy.

  • And me smile

  • @nathan The weather is too nice to stay inside today, but thanks for the idea of actually "using" this in music. I created it more as a completed work in itself... Now I'm thinking about bird chirp samples, haha

  • edited March 2016

    @JohnnyGoodyear said:
    This makes me happy.

    @obiwahnkentobi said:
    And me smile

    And I must agree with you both. Not about the production, but the experience. My life improved when I recognized that my well-being increases when spending undistracted time taking in the open sky and surroundings.

  • Yup, even on crappy weather days I force myself outside because I enjoy it so much and it makes me feel better, think better, create better... I rarely make field recordings (or take photos) because it ruins the "in the moment" nature of my journeys. But when I do, it's usually because the noise is so amazing that I can't avoid capturing it. Just incorporated the amazing din of mating frogs at a pond in the springtime into a song this past week and it is glorious.

    Great post!

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