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I Am Not - Das Brute ist Among Us (industrial noise)

Sup folks! Haven't promoted anything I've made here yet, so I thought I'd submit this little number I made earlier today. Used AUM, Fieldscaper, Elastic Drums, Elsa, Audiobus, and a few of my own recorded samples throughout. Been working a lot of mastering my LP, so it was fun to take a break and make a really brutal harsh noise track in the vein of Author & Punisher, Haus Arafna, early Swans, and other industrial and noise projects I love.


  • Very atmospheric -- well done! It skirts the line between alarming and deeply reassuring, which is what I love in noisy, drone'y music. Very well mixed, too, if I do say so myself, haha; I love the deep, droning lows, and the higher-pitched sounds of sparks and glitching aren't exhausting on the ear, which is something that I have trouble with, with my high frequencies. Same with how the mid-frequencies in the wind don't over-power it.

    Great track, man!

  • edited March 2016

    Thanks dude! Really haven't gotten good with that balance until these last few months. It just takes a bunch of trial and error and a lot of listening to fine tune the loud high pitched stabs with the deep droning basses. Doesn't hurt to invest in some monitors either. AUM makes all this easier now (especially on an iPhone), though! Anyway, glad you liked it, your complements are very affirming! :P

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