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"Not so new track"

I recorded this in my mini-van (yes, it hurts to say that) while waiting for my daughter and her friends. I drove them to an amusement park a little over a year ago and brought my iPad, my Les Paul, my Fender P bass, a condenser mic and stand, Focusrite 2i2, Apogee Jam, cables, and an extension chord. I started just noodling around with a drum beat in AmpliTube. I copied the drum pattern and rhythm tracks to MultiTrack and AudioBused (yes, I "verbed" AudioBus) the bass, and vocals via AmpliTube. The lead guitar parts were AudioBused via ToneStack. The song sat for a few months as I thought I would do more with it. I posted it to my SoundCloud awhile back, but it occurred to me what a great time I had finding a few quiet parking lots, one next to a lake, while waiting for my daughter and her friends. It was just all so easy to do.


  • Cool story with a great ending, thanks @supanorton.

    To be honest, it's not the style of music I buy, I'm electronic samples, synths, drum machines but I'm getting that laid back vibe from this :)

  • Great, track, @supadom ! :)
    Great 'live' feel to this with nice tones and excellent playing.
    How big is your min-van to fit the gear, your daughter and her friends?!

  • @RUncELL That's cool, man. Glad you gave it a listen and got the laid back vibe from it. Thanks.

    @AlterEgo_UK so glad you listened, Colin. My daughter only brought two friends, lol.

  • I'd like to do a bit more of this kind of thing, where I'm mobile, but damn, my girls grew up, and I don't have to take them places so much.

    And I'd be afraid to take a les Paul and a P Bass with me and leave them anywhere. Great sounding track. Little blues, little rock.

  • @rickwaugh Thanks, man. I didn't leave the guitars alone, only the girls. They were 17 at the time (the girls, not the guitars) lol.

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