Multi channel Audiobus.

It would be great if Audiobus could be a multichannel app.
Imagine 6 loops out of loopy each one on its own input into Multitrack.


  • i think it already is, there just aren't FX sends yet.

  • The Audiobus framework already does that, we just haven't implemented the interface to set it up yet in the actual app.

  • Its getting better by the minute , I cant wait Xmas ever :-)

  • Just recently had an issue with ielectribe starting with loopy automatically and being recorded in a loop together with another input source and thought how nice would it be to have a multi channel audiobus allowing ielectribe to play along while recording loops and here it is...

    As for Sebastian's comment: it could look like in "audulus" app, for example, or any other modular-patch-cord-connected-audio-input-output-building-blocks app:

    user could add input "slot" and connect it to output (optionally going through fx slot) by dragging a patch-cord from input to output. (this could be in fact some kind of "advanced" screen)

  • not sure if I made any sense. :)

  • Thanks for the suggestion! I think we're just going to let users connect an external interface and give them the option to choose which channels to add Loopy kind of already has that when you put it in the input slot).

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