Option to disable apps from being offered by Audiobus

When the number of installed apps that support Audiobus gets larger and larger, the app selection lists in the Audiobus app will become crowded and inconvenient to use. There will be apps that a user does rarely or never want to use. Maybe a configuration view where apps can be disabled from being offered would make sense. What do you think?



  • Or tag certain apps as favourites and they appear at the top of the list?

  • This could be automated by setting the position of an app in the list according to how often it was connected to Audiobus. And maybe give the user the option to manually change the order.

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    I just uninstall the ones I don't use. A way to reorder would be cool though!

  • This was heavily discussed a few weeks after launch so I'm guessing it's "on the list". :)

    My vote is for this: the list that comes up is an alphabetical list of the last 10 apps you used in that AB slot. At the top of that list is link to 'all >' which displays the current well endowed list in all of its glory. There was lots of talk of favorites and manual reordering but I think that veers away from keeping AudioBus simple as eating pie. Last 10 + all. Easy. Clean.

  • Would you still need this if when/if we add presets?

  • Presets works for me. It would eliminate the need to quickly find apps in the list. And since Sebastian and Michael only have so much time in a day, i would prefer they work on that. And make presets assignable to MIDI command... now I am dreaming :-)

  • I'd happily settle for presets!

  • +1 on presets!

  • I'm not sure but I'm up for finding out!

  • I suppose it depends on how many presets we might be getting if presets were part of a possible future update we { might me be getting } lol

  • We're definitely going to add presets. They're most likely not going to be part of the next update but have to be part of the one that comes after that. I'm not sure if we want to limit the number of presets.

  • +1 for presets

  • What is meant here by "presets"? I think configurations would be interesting. That is the ability to bring up multiple apps connected together in a particular way.

  • Yes, that.

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