What audio interface is best for iPad 4..minimum 2 inputs..via lightning CCK

Looking for a stero interface for iPad 4...my Behringer UCA222 does not work with the 4..unless I'm doing something wrong..works great with the 2 though....


  • I have a Behringer UFO202 and it works fine with ipad 4

  • Thats odd..just had a look at the 202 and I see it has a LINE/PHONO switch and a input level...the 222 doesn't have those...I will have another play around with the 222 today and if that don't work I'll get a 202 which is even less money than the 222...strange this I set up the two and the four exactly the same with Cubasis..works with the 2 and and not the four..the four is giving it power just zero level..

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    Are you using a genuine Apple lightning CCK ?

  • You should check out the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, or the new Apogee ONE or DUET for iOS/Mac.
    I'm a big fan of the Apogee interfaces.

    Apogee website

  • OK problem solved guys..it must have been a glitch..rebooted the iPad ans all is well...and yeah its a genuine Apple CCK...thanks for the help..

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    When I was researching the 222 and the 202, everything I read said the only difference was the colour. How come nobody mentioned the line/ phono switch and input level? :p

  • http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/UCA222.aspx


    It's all right on Behringer's website. The UFO202 is for transferring vinyl and the UCA222 is for line level sources and optical output.

  • That's funny. I managed to miss those pages because I was searching for reviews. Lol

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    @PaulB: Don't confuse the UCA202 with the UFO202. The UCA202 and UCA222 are the same, except for the colour (and differences in bundled software). Both UCAs provides LINE-level analog stereo IN/OUT (via RCA) plus a digital stereo OUT (via optical/TOSLink SPDIF). The UFO is similar but ditches the digital out in favour of a switchable PHONO input (for record turntables).

    Unless you need PHONO input, the UCA202 is probably the better choice. All the software bundled with the UCA222 is freely downloadable from the Behringer site (although much of it is hidden away!) so the you only need pay the extra for the UCA222 (over the UCA202) if you especially want the red colour.

  • You're right. My mistake. :)

  • No biggie... Behringer makes like 2,000,000 products... Hard to keep up with that.. Anyone check out the istudio? The Alesis dock ripoff?

  • Is there any cheap and portable way to get stereo in?

  • Um, see above, the Behringer UCA202 for about $30. Runs off the CCK for power as well.

  • I was thinking the same thing!

  • The Apogee Duet for iPad is the best for me, Love it.

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    Does the UCA222 or 202 provide very low latency?I'm looking for a small and cheap interface to turn my phone into an external fx unit.(aux send/return on a hardware mixer)

  • Anyone else having UCA222 issues since iOS update ? Mine now works fine for about a minute before the iPad cuts the power & then throws up a ‘device not supported’ type message. Annoying AF !!*?£##@!!@**§!!! :#

  • Mine works great latest IOS. Reboot iPad and see.

  • My UCA202 was giving out low level beeping sounds ( like car reversing noise) whenever I used it. So , I bought another thinking it had become faulty, and it did the same.
    This made me think it was an IOS issue, as I'm sure it never used to.
    Thus, I haven't used them for a year or so.
    Has anyone experienced this?

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    Can somebody confirms that monitor switch on 202 and 222 is for input hardware direct minitoring thru headphones with no latency? And how is audio quality on those interfaces? At least subjectively as good as iPhone/iPad DACS?
    I’m searching for a very compact interface with direct monitoring for use my iPhone and my laptop together with Link, to complement Studiomux.

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