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Audiobus integration into audiobus remote


It would be great to have an integration of audiobus into audiobus remote.


On the ipad with audiobus remote, i also run few apps, like modstep, that send midi to the other ipad running auria and many synth into audiobus. When i m in the remote one, i would like to switch easely to modstep, using the same screen than for switching synth on the other ipad... The remote screen.

It means the remote must be able to connect also the local audiobus.

Don't know if it's clear. ;)

Anyway, thank you very much for your work.


  • Hi,

    The update provided today is very closed to what i ask. :)
    But it also brings a new problem, when you have two instances of audiobus, one is local and one is remoted.
    Then ´audiobus remote' automatically connect to the local one. Which is really a problem.

    I think that it will be better to have them both on the same audiobus remote screen.
    In fact what i ask is the ability for audiobus remote to connect several audiobus instances and merge them on the same screen .... Plus in audiobus sidebar (same sidebar on all audiobus instances) will be great.

    I hope it is more clear. ;)

    Thanks again for your work.

  • If you have two devices with Audiobus and want to control one of them with AB Remote via Bluetooth then you need to start the Bluetooth connection first. That way you can still run Audiobus on the same device without interrupting the Bluetooth connection. Mixing both sessions on one AB Remote screen would be... interesting. That's probably a 'pro' product that would have to have more features and ways to organise apps and presets.

  • @Sebastian said:
    Mixing both sessions on one AB Remote screen would be... interesting.

    How about a "tabbed" view in which you could toggle back/forth between local and remote devices?

  • @Sebastian
    It's not the behaviour that i have here, if I start the bluetooth instance first and then run audiobus remote from the other ipad, it's ok... Now i launch audiobus instance (2) locally, if i switch again to the remote : it refresh and connect to the local instance.

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