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MIDI keyboard no longer powered by IPad? (Problem solved)

My Samson Carbon 49 has always worked with no external power using the apple camera connection kit, but tonight I started getting the not enough power for my device message. I had not used it for awhile so I am wondering if I missed some update or what along the way to have it no longer function.


  • Sometimes an update to iOS breaks things ... Did you recently upgrade from iOS 8 to 9?

  • No, I am still on 8.4.1 but maybe that is the one that broke it and I just missed it?

  • Who knows - with iOS it could work tomorrow for all we know. Worth a shot updating to 9...

  • IME, the connection order seems to be important to not tripping the power panic stations; make sure you connect the keyboard to the USB connection kit, then finally connect the kit to the iPad. The iPad should be active and awake when you make the connection.

    I sometimes get the power errors if I deviate from that order.

    My LK 61 only works in this configuration, which is actually a bonus because Novation insist that it must be externally powered.

  • I am using a Samson carbon 49 here with ipad 4 and iOS 9.X (latest). No issues at all.

  • I finally took the time and hooked the Samson Carbon to my computer this morning and was able to verify that the problem is the usb jack on the Carbon. I am glad it was not an iOS issue. I also am able to use the keyboard now. I wedged a piece of cardboard under the bottom of the jack and taped the cord for the camera kit to the top of my keyboard so it applies enough pressure on the jack to make it connect. No, it is not pretty but it indeed works! I will use it like this until I can save up for a better controller. Perhaps a Korg Triton Tactile 49 is in my future.

  • Korg Triton Tacktile 49 is a great choice.

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