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How to record Patterning into Loopy HD with Link.

edited December 2015 in App Tips and Tricks


New to Loopy HD. Trying to record a Patterning pattern in to a loop slot. I figured with the new Link feature in both I would be able to do this:

  1. Open audiobus, then Patterning as input and Loopy as output
  2. Check they agree on BPM. (Though loopy wanted to be in 2/4 time for some reason initially)
  3. Set Loop to record 1 bar with a count-in & start it off
  4. Quickly start Patterning from the AB bar
  5. Have a 1-bar loop recorded into the Loopy Slot. Yay!

Alas, this isn't working as expected, I'm not getting exactly a bar, if I ask for 2 bars I don't get exactly 2 bars, yet, if I ask for it to record 3 bars I seem to get exactly 3 bars.

I'm confused?

Cheers for any insights!

EDIT: Okay I'm an idiot, my loop is in 3/4 time. Doh


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