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iOS 9 can't back up apps anymore ?

Is this the case for anyone else ? I tried with iTunes and transcopy and the apps weren't being backed up like I was able to do pre iOS 9. So, it looks like restoring a device from a backup requires the apps to be downloaded again ?

These links shed some light on the issue:



  • The latest version of itunes will not back up apps from my ios v7.x iphone anymore either.

  • Ever since going to 9 they weren't backing up for me either, so I've just been downloading them from within iTunes, along with any updates as well. Just means you have to download everything twice.

    From those links it looks like Apple scrapped apps being backed up? Well, at least that mystery is now solved in my mind.

  • Mmmm, but, if you update one app that you own, it downloads to yoour computer and send the old version to the recycled bin. I need to check it out with app I already had before update to iOS9.

    But I think to remember that the first time I connected my iPhone5s (one month ago) iTunes asked me to download to PC recent purchases. Well, I keep about 300 Gb into one external HD. And now I can play Songineer.

    Bad news, anyway, if that's true.

  • In the past (pre iOS9), when upgrading ipads, I'd been able to 'clone' (restore) the old one onto a newer one with a backup, it looks like that wouldn't be possible now (?)

  • Couple of thoughts.

    1. To save redownloading, do a "transfer purchases from this iPad" to get copies in iTunes.
    2. Keep a completely separate folder of the ipas somewhere outside of the iTunes directory so you don't have to fish in the trash can
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    Cheers,but I tried point 1 and i couldn't get it work and found this, which seems to explain why it wasn't working:

  • @MusicInclusive said:
    Couple of thoughts.

    1. To save redownloading, do a "transfer purchases from this iPad" to get copies in iTunes.
    2. Keep a completely separate folder of the ipas somewhere outside of the iTunes directory so you don't have to fish in the trash can

    Yes, I do it in that way. What I understood is that's not possible anymore. I'll check it out when back home.

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    Hmmm @Igneous1 - that's very concerning for its own sake - in that it ups the amount one ends up downloading. I haven't experienced that (yet). But, I'm not sure even that that's the same thing. Are you saying it's no longer possible to transfer purchased from the iPad? I haven't tried that recently since I haven't purchased anything new recently that I've tried to do that with.

  • Yes you are no longer able to transfer or backup since 9. This is pretty well documented on the Interwebs and there doesn't seem to be any way round it.

    The best I have seen is using the imazing app to do a full backup, after which it allows you to restore an individual app (but it requires a full backup in or the to do this). You do, however, need to app to be installed on your device for this to work, so it wouldn't help for an app which had been removed from App Store and deleted from your device.

  • I just tried the "File -> Device -> Transfer purchases" and, yes, it no longer appears to work. THAT IS RIDICULOUS ! :-1: :-1: :-1: : :o :'( :# :frowning:

  • Does this apply to iFunbox as well ?

  • Well. What I'm going to do when back home, is download every app to my iPad2 son, transfer purchases and back up all of them. Yes, some of them won't be the last ones because it's still running under iOS 7.1.2, but that's better than nothing.

  • I came across this issue the other day also. No more File->Device->Transfer Purchases for any device on IOS9. It works for any devices on IOS8 or earlier still, so it isn't functionality that is blocked by iTunes (yet...).

    There is new functionality in iTunes somewhere, I can find it when I get home, where you can list out the apps that are stored only in the cloud and download the ones that you want. It does still mean duplicate downloads though if you purchase items on the device and not via iTunes on the computer.

  • I was wondering about that too @DeVlaeminck. Will have to look.

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    Worst Step Apple ever did in removing IoS Devices owners possibility to fully Backup/ clone iOS Devices APPS + IN APPS to a Hard Disc.
    Thats why i bought IMazing for just to have a Cloner which dumps all my Apps, including purchased In-APPS, to a HD secure. Now with IOS 9 its mainly useless for me. And its a hell of work to restore now downloading tons of IN APPs / Gigabytes again from the NET if you move to a new device. This is so customer unfriendly step Apple did. No Words. If a Software company discontinues now i guess all your purchased IN APPS are also lost forever with that Step now.

  • It's not the app it's the OS, so sadly you can't do it with iTunes, ifunbox etc.

  • I can see possible problems (as have already been mentioned), if a backup needs to download a full ipad's worth of music apps.

  • Another step in Apple's ratcheting strategy where you can't go backward only forward. If something happens to your devices or you get a new one it's going to be the latest iOS and the latest version of apps. The inability to even test compatability of apps in previous versions of iOS in TestFlight seems like another aspect to this.

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    Well, I need some light about this...

    I purchased a new laptop one week ago, and today I installed iTunes. I signed in with my Apple ID, went to Apps tab and it showed the apps already purchased...with the option to download them.

    I tried with Superimpose and - tachán! - it downloaded to my Mobile Applications folder. I add screencaps with the folder/date and the iTunes app screen.

    So I thought it's still possible to download to the hard drive apps already purchased.

    But, I did another try. Looking for Rytmik Ultimate, the last app I've bought and, again, I was able to download the ipa to my HD.

    So, I can confirm it's possible to do it. Could it be one privacy rule only applied to certain countries?

  • Excuse my lateness on this subject, but does this mean if an app disappears from the App Store even if you have a backup, you can't restore it to your iPad?

  • No. If you have the ipa file, you can reinstall the app. That's what I did with Songineer (by Amidio) few days ago via iFunbox (iPhone5s + iOS9.2).

  • Thanks @fjcblanco, for replying, was worried that ability had been removed.

  • OK. So, @fjcblanco, iFunbox is still working OK for that. Good to know. Thanks! :+1:

  • I have to add that iFunbox is...iFunbox. Sometimes you try to install an app and you have to try several times until it works. But it does.

  • I guess you may use iPhone Transfer to transfer/backup you apps purchased from your iOS devices to computer/Mac, then use another tool to make it work. Or you can follow this link below:

  • This + "we don't keep apps anymore that are deleted* from store" = pretty bad

    *though i still dont understand that fully, i still have some pulled off from appstore apps in purchased history to download, but some are disappeared like stochastic drum machine

  • If you have iFunbox AND the app still installed in your iPad/iPhone, you can extract the ipa file to your computer.

    And, If I'm not wrong, the app would be in the list of "purchased" apps.

  • @HighEscape said:

    Thats why i bought IMazing for just to have a Cloner which dumps all my Apps, including purchased In-APPS, to a HD secure.<

    Yes, it is one of those apps that does the job way better than anything Apple are willing to provide.

    More so today than at any other time since I've been involved, Apple behaves like a quasi government/ dictatorship, making decisions that affect millions with zero chance for users to say yes or no.

  • @fjcblanco Can you explain a bit about the ipa file? Where can we find it? If we have a backup on a computer, how can we restore the app?

    Thanks. :)

  • @Reid, I'm trying to do it with my secondary laptop and can't extract the ipa file.

    I'll try it again tonight at home with my main laptop, where I usually manage the iOS stuff.

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