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Video Tutorial: Recording Auria into Auria

edited May 2013 in App Tips and Tricks

Here is a quick tutorial on Using Audiobus to record Auria into Auria with Ampkit as an effect. I also touch on creating a loop, using snap functions, and recording guitar through an Apogee Jam Digital Audio interface. In a future tutorial I plan on showing how to do some live effects mixing from Auria to Auria.


  • Great vid @Ryan. I haven't looked at recording Auria into Auria or using the snap function, so that was quite useful. It would be great if there was a way to hear the affected track in real time though. With that, you could tweak the effects to dial it in as you want it.

  • I'm going to show how to do that in a future tutorial. Using the method i showed in this video You can put auria in the input and just play it through ampkit to get the sound you want before you start the recording

  • That makes sense. Thanks again @Ryan.

  • Thanks Ryan.

    I just happened to be trying this out last night, using Samvada in the filter slot. I'll leave you to show how to get the live sound, but I will tease by saying it's a great way to work on a live play effect without having to play at the same time.

    (It's possible I used a different method; I kept Auria in both slots and mapped the feedback a little differently so as to not make a feedback loop, but that needs a little more advanced understanding of what Auria does in this kind of setup)

  • Thanks Ryan, for the vid. I got a nice explanation on how to work with Auria and Audiobus. The exact process is going to vary from app to app. So, with some some experimenting in the Audiobus and apps I am using to figure out how best to route the signal from input to output. but audiobus gives me really a great option for recording audio directly in to aria from other apps on my iPad. See this, I just found it recently. After viewing this thread. Can you also help me to know about Harmony Voice, I just heard it from my friend and curious to know more.

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