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Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer like software for Mac Desktop?

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Mac MacBook Pro 15 in. OS X 10.9.5, Mid 2012
Hi another question: Is there a software sequencer that works like Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer (software for Mac Desktop?)
I've been searching but found nothing.
I think Cubebase is similar but I'm not sure. I tried it a while back.


  • Get an MPC. The Studio comes w full version of the software. Very easy to build tracks.

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    That looks like hardware don't need that. Thanks I'm only looking for software

  • Ableton Live.

  • I already have Logic so I don't need another DAW I was looking for something like YMMS for the auto chord changes. and the phrase editor.
    I can do this in Logic by copying and transposing but YMMS is so simple to use. Maybe there is nothing like it for Mac desktop.

  • Perhaps Band In a Box for Mac?

  • Too much money for a geriatric musician on a tight budget.

  • Thanks everyone I think I'll just stay with Logic 9 got it back when I was working. Got to watch my spending now, my Doctor needs a new boat. (kidding).

  • If you have a M-Audio keyboard, you can get Ignite for free.

  • There are many other features. Heres a vid of phrase player, similar to Yamaha sequencer.

  • Thanks I downloaded the trial. Tomorrow I will check it out.

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