Fugue Machine question

Hello all,
I am trying to use Logic Pro's various VST instruments in Fugue Machine on my iPad. For example, I want to pull up say, a piano or trumpet inside Logic Pro and be able to have it in the sequencer in Fugue Machine. I am doing this with other apps on my iPad via midi, but am having a hard time figuring out how to do the same thing with Logic Pro. I'm relatively new to app based music.

My set up is an IMac, Focusrite Isa One pre, apogee duet, Logic Pro X and IPad Air w/ and a M audio Axiom 25.

Any light shed on this subject would be much appreciated.


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    As far as I know Fugue Machine can't receive midi notes or import midi so I don't think you can do what your saying.

    Contrarywise you can drive logics AU instruments from Fugue Machine though you might need to get Studiomux or Musicio. (I'm not familiar with your hardware and its ability to talk midi to an iPad )

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