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DGS 2015/12/11 Live Ambient Session "Reflection"

Der goldene Schnitt
Live Ambient Session
Reflection 1
Friday night 2015/12/12
First Session with the good old Nanostudio, my first DAW on the iPhone and still one of the pearls in the MusicApps Universe.
Thx to Matt the Developer of Nanostudio from Blipinteractive

And with my bread and butter apps Drumjam & Thumbjam, Animoog, Audiobus, Loopy DJay2

Recycled from the moment & from different sources....:

Thx to Jan Gilhooly

Reused two of his songs from his first completed album of music made in NanoStudio all released under a Creative Commons licence in 2011. You can download the Nanostudio ProjectFiles .NSP there, great, thx jan ;-)
Apps he used:
Nanostudio, Thumbjam, Fairlight CMI, Argon, Ellotron, Ampitude
Song 1: reflections_on_past_dreams
Song 2: serenitys_breeze

The Vocals and the Visuals down in the left corner come from:

Jonathan Quintin

Sacred geometry is the ancient art, science and philosophy of space and proportion. It addresses the laws of creation
and the inner workings of nature. It has been used by civilizations around the world for thousands of years as a way of
connecting with the harmony of Universal Order.
New Zealand artist and cosmologist Jonathan Quintin takes his audience on a visual journey beyond the veil to reveal
a profound order and sublime beauty that exists on the archetypal planes of creation. He shows how sacred geometry
can help us move in harmony with the changes rather than be overwhelmed by them.
Thx Jonathan for your passion too.....

Its one of the pieces in my life which i believe its "true" and it makes "sense"
My Projects and works under
Der golden Schnitt engl. the golden cut
are influenced by these kind of elements, the harmony and the resonance and the noise of course ;-)


  • Very good. I envy you your facility (in both senses of the word), and also the fact that I suspect you had a more interesting Friday evening than many of us....

  • Very much enjoyed this. Listened while I was working. Looks like a fun lab!

  • edited December 2015

    Thx, yes it was a very nice satisfied friday night, it was in the flow...i record the audiochannels direct to the zoom r16, an mixed them together in ableton live for mastering...cut the video it in sony workflow gets faster, after i recognize that
    elektronica vj
    could exactly what i wanna will look into my architecture how i could integrate it naturly, electronica vj is open source its a modular rack like Reason for Video, with MIDI!
    Look into! Awesome.......!!

  • the journey goes on....
    i cooked it all around the sacred geometry stuff from jonathan again with the help of jans .nsp (nanostudioproijectfile)....see in the description....
    i cut this part of the fusion works into 3 Videos....but it was all in one run.....

    Der goldene Schnitt / The golden Ratio
    Live Ambient reflection ends Part 1/3 2015/12/20

  • Der goldene Schnitt / The golden Ratio
    Live Ambient reflection ends Part 2/3 2015/12/20
    First use of my new Wond from Paul Vo a kickstarter backed hand-held exciter and sustainer for guitar strings or other metall oscilators...

  • its DONE Part3 is online:

  • Hehehe....well done ! Love the sacred geometry you focus in on animoog's orbit and path display as he explains how vibration has frequency and number gives rise to shape and pattern . The first film at the head of the thread reminded me of footage from the international space station. Keep jamming man and stay lost in space ! :-)

  • Watched the first video at top. Good stuff!

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