Glitchbreaks - Please post experiences

Wondering if anyone's put this app through its AudioBus paces....


  • Is it true there is no midi clock? If so, I can't see how it would be useable

  • GB is totally usable without MIDI sync. Two ways come to mind:

    1) Recording loops into loopy. So long as they're at the same tempo triggering a loop in GB should record as a full loop in loopy. It will likely be out of time but you can use loopy's two-finger twist to line it back up to the one. Err on the side of starting GB early so that there's no blank space in the loopy loop.

    2) go nuts in GB and record the whole session to multitrack. Then, like, add stuff. GB's quantize and 'reset' buttons should save you from yourself.

  • I've use Glitchbreaks -> Loopy, it works just fine. Add some synth loops and you're in business. This is my first attempt:

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