Conductr & Ableton recording woes (OT)

Have started trying to use iPad/Conductr to work with Ableton 9.5 on PC. It works fabulously until I attempt to record. I'm doing the Ableton tutorial on playing an instrument. Conductr hooks up over the network, and its keyboard plays the drum beats precisely - can see the midi signal flashes... But the second I tap the record bottom all sound stops, and no waveform or midi notes are recorded. As soon as I stop the record action, sound returns, and all appears normal.

I suppose this is really an Ableton issue - but thought I'd see if anybody here has seen (and hopefully solved!) such a dilemma. Counductr seems like a cool interface to AL9 - if one could only record.



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    I had some issues with Conductr. Cant remember all that it was, but I'm using Touchable 3 now, and I'm very satisfied with it.

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