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Recommend apps with mic input and low CPU print for Audiobus

Sometimes audio interfaces doesn't work directly with the mic input and audiobus.
But it works when an app at input slot have the mic input turned on.
I'm looking for app with very low CPU resources consumption for using it as mic input only.

Any suggestion?


  • MtDaw may work for you.

  • Yes, i've read on this forum that Multitrack DAW is very efficient.
    But it doesn't show as input app.
    My desired connection would me MtDaw with mic + turnado on FX slot + speaker as output.
    how could I connect them?

  • Ok, missed that input app request. Look into Audioshare. You can record into it and it has other useful features, like cataloging all audio files.

  • Audioshare looks great, but i don't know if it can stream the live mic input signal across the audiobus chain directly without being recorded.
    The setup i'm looking for is for live performance.
    Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Loopy will do the trick in the input to monitor mic input.

    @Karmafx When using the "mic input" are you also using the "speaker output" ? I believe there are some issues with running audio directly in from a mic to the speaker. I heard Sebastian saying something about it causing problems where users could make feedback loops easily. If you were, try connecting an output app and see if it fixes the problem. That's my best guess although it may be an issue with your specific audio device. In which case, Loopy or Loopy HD should help you out. :-)

  • Great!
    Yes i'm using the speaker output, i will try with an app at output slot.
    Thx for the suggestions.

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