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OT: numerous apps "open" after reboot of iphone6

edited November 2015 in Off-topic

Hi, have any of you seen this too? Every time I reboot my iPhone, the same +20 apps is open in the 'app switcher'. Even if I swipe out alle apps before I reboot. Very odd me thinks! I'm on latest iOS version. My ipad3 is on 9.0.2 and does not have the same behavior.


  • Yeah, it happens to me too depending on how long after I close them all I reboot. Usually I'll close all the apps manually, then plug it into the charger for a little bit. If I wait a bit then reboot, the apps don't open most of the time. I think iOS just makes regular back up states of what apps are open as you use it, and looks at that log when you reboot. You just need to wait long enough for it to make a log showing no open apps after you close them. 15-20 minutes?

  • mabye, I'll try that. The thing is , that the same 20 apps that appears after a reboot every time, is apps I never uses. Not the once I used before rebooting.

  • The app switcher list is just a "recently used" list, which contain items that may or may not be running. If you swipe one out it kills it if it is running, or just takes it out of the list. After a reboot, none are actually running, it is just a recents list.

    It astounds me that Apple has refused to indicate in any way which are actually running or not, for years now. After all, the dock on the Mac at least has the little dots! How hard would that be, Apple? Arggh!

  • But, I agree, if you clear the list and then stuff shows up again after a reboot, that is strange. I'm not seeing that behavior here on a 6S running 9.1.

  • It would make sense if it was a list of "recently used" but it's not. None of my daily used apps are on the list. If it's not taking resources I guess it's no big deal. Just doesn't make any sense to me.

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