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Saving my work

Hi folks. As noob to iOS I have a question. I'm quite used to hardware workstations a la Yamaha Motif . I realize ios has no file system..In hardware, you write something, title it and recall it. So say in iOS, I write something in "Beathawk"..And now I wanna save it...Do I:
A) Save it as a "save state " in audiobus, or
B) Save it to drobox?...Lastly, let's say I've got Beathawk working within Auria,(or upcoming Auria pro) either via Audiobis or IAA.. I haven't finished the song and it's bedtime...Do I save that as a "save state" snapshot and call it a night? Thank you in advance...



  • Hi @Telstar5 -- you use the terms "write" and "save" in different contexts so I may be confused on the question, but I'll try and give you what I think is a good answer.

    State saving and presets in AudioBus (AB) allow for configuration recall (what apps in which AudioBus slots), and for saving the state, or settings within compatible apps. BeatHawk is AB compatible but does not (yet) support state saving within AB; the same is true in Auria, I think. However, BeatHawk does save it's own state (when launched it asks if you want to open your last session). But to be safe and avoid aggravation, I advise to manually save your work as often as possible.

    As for saving music data (audio recordings and/or MIDI tracks) within apps (not just app settings), it depends upon the app. Some apps have an auto-save built in while others you have to do a manual save (usually via a drop down menu). Cubasis and GarageBand are examples of apps that automatically save their current project and there is no specific write or save function (Although Cubasis does have a snapshot function to force a save at the current project state).

    Working in other apps like Gadget, you need to manually save your work. BeatHawk will restore its previous state when relaunched but that's too risky for me to rely on. Both of these apps have actual menus with project "save" and "save as" functions (unlike Cubasis), so I make good use of those.

    If recording from BeatHawk into Auria and it's time for bed, I would do a save on the project in BeatHawk; I think Auria is auto-save, but to be safe you can do a manual save (make a backup copy). In AudioBus, you can save the app configuration in a preset for later recall, but there are no save functions in IAA.

    I hope this helps.

    P.S. For something like a file manager for your iOS music, if you don't have it yet, get the AudioShare app; it is one of the best app's ever...few here would argue that.

  • TozBourne, thanks SO much!

  • "Write" meaning compose.

  • You can't save Gadget to audiobus?

  • @Telstar5 - you can check here: gadget/capability/state+link+remote

    for compatability and functionality of other apps in AB.

    I don't have Gadget, but apparently it can only be used as an AB Input and has Link. No State Saving or Remote Triggers.

  • edited February 2016

    I dont Use Auria but Music Studio and when im finished i Name the Projekt and aave it finished Songs i save to soundcloud or Dropbox so i Can Access it snywhere

  • @Telstar5 iOS music making at this point in time can include a variety of apps with variations on how they save presets, MIDI setups, export/import samples, output projects to WAV or similar format files. On top of this you have IAA with no way to save/recall your setups automatically or Audiobus which can save your setup to the extent that each app developer has included support for Audobus state saving functionality in their app. In iOS it is quite easy to create audio chains where you will need to document your setup manually because there won't be a way to save it automatically. It might be good to learn about the specifics of the apps you're wanting to use together if being able to recreate setups consistently is part of your work flow. AU support is an attempt to alleviate some of these problems on iOS but is still in its infancy with respect to DAWs which support it, the number/kind of AU apps, and how many iOS resources can be used for an AU.

  • Interesting points, but I don't think there's a way to save my work :wink:

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