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Air ignite coming to ios!

For those who don't know ignite is free pc/mac software which ships with most new m-audio & avid keyboards. It's designed to make the creation process simpler and is more of a sketch pad than a traditional DAW.

I've been using it for a while since getting a copy with my m-audio mini 32 keyboard and its pretty good. Could be a potential garageband killer. Confirmation of ios and product details:

What does everyone think - could it be a useful addition to the music production scene?


  • Yes, I beta tested this software with axiom mini 32. It Is a excellent software for sketching songs. Packed with instruments and phrases. That's great news.

  • Great news for me! I got Ignite with my M-Audio Oxygen 49 and was pretty impressed, however I only turn my MacBook on twice a month to burn off the dust! ;-). Glad to see it on iOS!

  • This looks exciting! I'm curious to see how they implement it as an app

  • It should be perfect for the ipad as it already looks like an app. Lets just hope they get the bus early...

  • It has the feel of Ableton Live. Very intuitive workflow. Has audio recording capability, effects, hyper control if your using a m-audio keyboard. Nice, open program and control everything from m-audio keyboard.

  • This looks interesting. I would like to get a (free) feel for it on the PC before I possible lay out cash for an upcoming app purchase.

    I was going to download it for my PC to give it a whirl but the download page will not accept the serial number for my Keystation 88es. I'll send them an email for assistance here shortly.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • You can get a free copy here if you have a serial number to a m-audio keyboard or fast track.

  • Thanks, @mgmg4871 for the link but @cieran sent me a link earlier and am still downloading.

    Not sure why my SN didn't work for the download as it was a new unit purchased several years ago. Perhaps they require a recent hardware purchase bundled with their software.

    I shall soon see if it works out. Not a huge deal for me as I have Sonar X1 and Reaper on my PC. Just thought it might be nice to experience it first on the PC.

  • edited May 2013

    One thing I notice Air Ignite don't support VST or AU. It would be very interesting what the iOS version would be like.

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