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Animoog into loopy, no sound (noob)

I searched for threads regarding Animoog and Loopy but to avail. Am trying to loop animoog onto Loopy. loopy records but no sound for the first few tries and then last try was a lowbuzzing sound for the entire loop. Any tips greatly appreciated.


  • Can't help cause I haven't update those apps to the latest version and they work. (iOS 8.4)

  • edited October 2015

    (I'm on iOS 9.0.2, latest versions of Audiobus, Loopy HD and Animoog)
    You're doing this with Audiobus, right? I'm assuming you have Animoog in the input slot and Loopy in the output. In the Loopy settings, do you have "Monitoring" set to 'on'? If you do, you should be able to hear what you're playing live in Animoog. If not, you won't hear as you play but can still record loops.

    Sometimes opening one app will cause another to freeze up and only output a buzz. It acts like the app's output, so if you have some effects in the chain, you might end up with reverby echoing buzz or something. Usually you just have to eject the app that crashed, close it, and open it up again.

    Animoog and Loopy have both been pretty cooperative for me though.

  • Thanks Reverberator, once I did as you said and turned the monitoring to ON it started recording! Peace.

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