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Noob struggling with Turnado in EFFECT path in AB

Problem: Have generally had great difficulty getting control of anything I insert on the Effect path.
System: iPad Air2 64; iOS 9.02. All apps have been purchased in the last few weeks.

I've gone round and round with this and have had no success. Scanned endless YouTube 'how-to's - and still no joy. I MUST be missing some tiny element.

AFAIK - I've got all the basics down: To do a simple test I put Sunrizer in input, Turnado as effect, and some output app (have tried BeatMaker2, Meteor, FL Studio...) and it is always the same result

I ASSUME that an effect has to have a looping or steady input so I record a bar in Sunrizer, the let it play. Next I go to Turnado - and there I can get NO CONTROL or effect. I've also tried using Magellan as an Effect and there again - none of the controls in the Magellan effects section will modify the sound.

So - hoping for a cool 'tip' on how to properly use the EFFECT path in AB such that I can send a loop in - go to the effect and make changes - then record it in the output app. This has really drove home the old def of insanity: Doing the same thing repeatedly and getting the same results!



  • What you're describing is exactly how it works (or, should work). It's hard to discern from your post what the problem might be.

    A few sillypants questions to try to narrow it down...

    1. If you set sunrizer to play a loop in the input slot and have nothing else except "Speaker Out" set in AB, can you hear it?
    2. You have a single AB path (vs multiple lanes) with Sunrizer->Turnado->BM2? Correct?
    3. Does it work when you use the "Speaker Out" instead of an app in the AB output slot?
    4. Turnado isn't exactly the most straight forward app (and magellan, being a synth first, isn't necessarily a simple drop-in either)—do you have any other, simpler FX apps you could try in that slot? Like an AUFX or Holderness Media app?
    5. Have you tried doing a hard reboot (hold power and home)?
  • Sorry for being a little off topic here, but @syrupcore's reaction here shows me again what a great forum this is! I am not a very active member with questions and reactions (mainly because English is not my 'mother tongue'), but I'm a very active reader of almost every discussion here and I have learned a LOT... Thank you @syrupcore and all other members for that!

  • You can give this a try..

    Audiobus preset 'Sunado':

  • Not sure in other 2 daws but in beat maker you'll need to turn the track monitoring on in order to hear anything.

  • try what syrupcore suggested, but also try this: have your sound in sunrizer running, then switch to turnado and go to its performance page ( the icon bottom of the screen), and there tap on the big red reset button. chances are that now you can use the performance pads and here the effects.

  • @funjunkie27 said:
    You can give this a try..

    Audiobus preset 'Sunado':

    Tried the preset (pretty cool how it opens right up in AB!) - and the same thing happens - I start a loop playing in Synriser, go to Turnado - see that it is connected to AB - hear the loop playing - but cannot get Turnado to "effect" the sound! Obviously I'm really missing something simple here.

    The big issue for me is that when I go to the effect, I can't get it to do anything to the sound.

    Regarding using Magellan as an effect processor - I've watched you tube vids doing this, and it always looks so easy. In my limited understanding of synths, the various oscillators are run thru the effect path. When sending in a sound from outside Magellen, how does that sound get into the effect path, and replacing the built-in oscillators? I always get the Magellan sounds.

    I've restarted the iPad numerous times - I'll have to go back and look for a simpler effect....I actually got Turnado to modify an incoming sound once, but can't seem to get it working again... ARRGH!

  • It worked for me, but I did have to do what @nick on the performance icon at the bottom of Turnado. It wasn't passing any sound until I changed to performance mode. I didn't need to hit the reset button though.

  • I just open Funjunkie's preset and had no sound. So while sunrisers arp was running with hold engaged I unplugged turnado and plugged it again which solved the problem. I have exactly the same issue in my live set up and now turnado is the last app I start otherwise it won't work. Ive reported it to them but it seems nothing's changed.

  • Ok - I have the ipad open and in Turnado from the preset. To be clear: I'm playing a recorded song in Sunrizer which does keep repeating so it should be an adequate input for an effect. I'm not clear on what the "Performance Icon" is. If I set the iPad vertical I have the 8 effects in the top half of the screen, and control area in the lower half. it says "Audio Bus" in the top of the panel, and below that is 5 buttons - a play triangle and loop circle - grayed out - and then the red record button and two other. At the bottom of this section is a large red button with a circular arrow pointing counter-clockwise. I'm guessing THIS is the Performance button - as it is about all that is left... LOL!
    The button is darkened and when I tap it, it flashes bright for a second then goes out. Is this an indication that I don't have proper input to Turnado? Perhaps playing a recorded sound is not the right input?

  • UPDATE! It looks like using a recorded sound from Sunrizer is NOT the input Turnado is looking for. I put in a preset and pressed the HOLD key - giving me a steady output - then when back to Turnado. NOW I could effect the sound. It appears the Red button turns the effect on and off. Whew! What a 'twisty-windy passage-way' !!

    So it would seem that the WAY i'm sending things to the effects channel may be the prob. I'm guessing that MIDI data is being sent in the background to trigger the effect... but don't know enough about MIDI t be sure... Which means you have to have the input source 'playing' in some fashion to trigger the effect... right? So what would be the PROPER way to set up an input so that it can send to the effect channel? This may also solve the Magellan question too!

  • if you just want to alter something recorded, you could just import the recording into turnado, that might be easier

  • @funjunkie27 said:
    You can give this a try..

    Audiobus preset 'Sunado':

    Brought this in, changed the preset in Sun to Bear Kid in the New Territory bank, fiddled a bit with Turnado and had something lovely in 2 mins. Thanks!

  • Glad to hear it JGY. I just threw it together as proof of concept, so glad you could dial it into something useful.

  • @funjunkie27 said:
    Glad to hear it JGY. I just threw it together as proof of concept, so glad you could dial it into something useful.

    Synchronicity Mister Bo'sun!

  • Regarding the use of a recording: I'm trying to learn how to interact with Audiobus and the Effects channels. I've only been at this a few weeks (!) and am (obviously) pretty clueless about most of the mechanics of iPad audio. I've been attempting to understand how it all works. I really don't have any serious work at this moment... So it would appear, as I said, one needs a 'live' input - i.e. actually looping or sequencing to send it to an effect.

  • ...err that was to say, I was using the recording as a sound-source as I didn't know any better... :-)

  • Maybe sunrizer just doesn't play those when in the background? If you remove AB from the equation, start the loop in sunrizer and then close the app, can you still hear it?

  • @seachord: the red button, as you call it, is a reset button for the complete chain of effects in Turnado. There must have been some kind of kooper activated while you couldn't get it to work, and once you resetted the effects, you heard the sounds. Good luck and enjoy the great Turnado!, it's a real joy to me...

  • I find Turnado to be fussy in AB on Air 2 iOS 9.02. I can usually get it working eventually.

    I find it most reliable after a restart.

  • It now appears to me that my big mistake was to use a recorded sound to send to the effects channel. Once I began sending "live" sound I.e. from a loop or held key, all the effects became controlable, and things worked as expected. Even using Magellan as an effect processor worked like a charm. Even Turnado was nice, but I haven't tried that extensively yet.

    Audiobus RULES!

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