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I use an iconnect audio 4 plus interface and have set up individual routings/pipelines for every of the 4 inputs. What I would like to do is simply mute and unmute these inputs by pressing the picture of the actual input in the audiobus overview. For now I always have to eject the input to mute it. Muted inputs could then be greyed out.

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  • Thx Calcutta. I have Mimix, but it can not mute inputs, only complete pipelines.

  • You could set each input on its own pipeline to MiMix and that will give you the solution you want.

  • Sorry, this still not works how I want. I want to route audio to samplr and when I am done, mute the input. So if I set up two pipelines with the same input, one routed to mimix and one to samplr, if I mute it in mimix, its still hearable through the pipe set so samplr. I also tried routing the input to mimix and then route mimix to samplr, but this does not work. So why not use the unused input picture to mute unmute an input?

  • Not sure why this setup wouldn't work for you:

    1. Run each audio channel independently as its own pipeline input in Audiobus, with MiMix as the output for each of these pipeline.

    2. Run another pipeline with MiMix as input, Samplr as output.

    3. Setup MIDI Learn on the Mutes for each input channel in MiMix so you can Mute/Unmute what you need via-MIDI trigger.

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    Now I tried it again and it worked. Pretty cool. Thx.

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    It works but add some latency, so it's unplayable live...OMHO.

    As a workaround, if all your inputs are some midi synth, using an external midi controler, then set volumes to each pad...
    If you have mics, having a mixtable with mutes. (but you'll loose separate inputs...)
    Simpliest solution (for us of course) midi in AB...

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