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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.


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The dev says this gets an update tomorrow. Don't know what, though as a/b isn't on it and he has mentioned it on a tweet or 2, I guess it's not out of the question, particularly as the pro version is already pretty feature stacked. He's giving away some free copies (a few of each) if you "like" his facebook page, which you can get to at the bottom of this link.

If it does become audiobusible or possibly -able it would be a high class app. I think there's a review on the iOSMARS website



  • As with many MIDI sequencers, you can already use it to control apps which ARE audiobus-compatible. I have done some nice recordings that way. It would be nice to have some toolbar control, though...

  • Update should include landscape view - hopefully :-)

  • How does this compare with Step Poly Arp?

  • IanIan
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    I'd say it's more playable: you touch the screen and adjust the tone and speed of the arpeggio using an xy grid. You adjust velocity and other parameters either by the knobs on the top or on the fly using the accelerometer. There are numerous patterns that you can bounce off, or make your own. I've never managed the hang of getting MIDI into it, though that is supposed to be doable as well. If you want a fixed structure, all set up and ready to press play then step poly arp is probably better. But it doesn't have lots of flashing lights!

  • Nothing against Step Poly Arp but I would say Arpeggionome Pro is more immediate - very intuitive layout and excellent MIDI implementation. The results are very musical and this app quickly becomes more of a performance tool than a straight arp module. Looking forward to the new update.

  • I use it and really like it.
    The second review on the App Store points out what's missing.(do read)
    Maybe these will be in the update.

  • Have any of you used this with Alchemy or Sunrizer?

  • @gjcyrus yes, both. I find Arpeggionome isn't too fussy and plays with most apps very nicely. Here's a quick test using Sunrizer...

  • @trueyorky - thnx! sounds pretty cool and good to know about the ease of setup

  • Arpeggionome with Sunrizer is killer!

  • Some playing around with Arpeggionome + iPolysix, this is from a long time ago, but Arpeggionome is def cool

  • @jmsexton - very cool!
    @everybody - anybody try it with alchemy? I was tempted to buy their arpeggio pack but curious how this app would interact with alchemy.

  • Just tried it with alchemy...worked very well. Had to turn on virtual midi in Alchemy. Arpeggionome really is very stable and easy with its midi, easy to setup.

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    "anybody try it with alchemy?" /gjcyrus

    I just did a quick test with Arpeggionome Pro and Alchemy Mobile and it worked fine. I Recorded 1 track at 1/16T and another track at 1/8T, i think it was. And slapped some drums on it inside Alchemy just to try out all the new stuff since v2.0. Also tried it over wifi, controlling Alchemy on the iPhone which was a bit jittery but probably due to my wifi. Anyway, all done with arpeggionome. Dunno how to embed soundcloud so hope this works..Edit: Oh and mixed with my broken dinky tablet speakers, so watch yer volume lol

  • @spookyzoo and chrisg - damn you guys! Im near broke this week so i gotta hold off on buying apps for awhile. I was hoping for some flaw or bug to resist. @chrisg - cool stuff man! I dig it! Did you bust that beat out or was it the appregionome?

  • By the way, Alchemy only seems to have your typical short 4 bar count-in. So it is a bit of a hassle to record in the built in 4-track in Alchemy using an outside controller (like Arpeggionome). Especially if the Alchemy track length is set to auto. At least I could´nt find any start-record-on-note/punch-in etc. And there does´nt seem to be any way to "trim" away bars in the Alchemy 4-track.

  • gjcyrus, thanks. I used the drum pads in alchemy and the remix-pads to mess it up a bit.

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    So Alexandernaut's big news is an iPhone release of Arpeggionome.

    I would have liked to have seen a landscape and Audiobus update for the iPad Pro version, but this may be a good opportunity for new users to experiment.

    The new iPhone app is just £0.69 / $0.99 until may 31, with a $4.99 IAP for Midi features.

    Now, I've got this as it was so cheap just to have a little play and my initial thoughts are that the iPhone version may just be this app's ideal medium.

    A fair amount of the iPad versions space is taken up with arps at speeds at the extremes of fast and slow that are just not useable, at least for my tastes.

    So the smaller real estate I really feel complements this app.

  • Perfect. Not what I was expecting and cost me again but for a small price I now have landscape view (runs on iPad) and a new look. Will also run on my iPod Touch through MidiBridge so excellent :-)

  • Bought! Arpeggionome just sorta makes more sense on iPhone given the screen size. Haven't bought the midi IAP yet, but will since it's kinda useless without midi (unless I'm missing something).

    Btw, can someone pleeeease tell me how to calibrate and/or turn off the accelerometer function on the iPhone version. I'm gonna pop a vein soon lol

  • @ChrisG There may be a more direct way but this should work...

    • Press volume dial looking icon middle top of screen

    • Press cog wheel to bring up Settings

    • Under Audio settings toggle on/ off next to Tremelo and Vibrato

    Let me know if it works for you. :)

  • SpookyZoo: Yea that did it, thanks! Probably the only 2 settings in the whole app I didn't try, seriously... :)

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    Cool! :)

  • Right, a question for you clever buggers. I have some midi at one end of the bus and sampletank at the other. I could record that nicely but I want to put an arpeggiator in it. I can send midi from arp pro to sampletank but I want to change the note using the bm2 midi. I'm sure all the connections from bm2 to arp pro are right as are the ones from it to sampletank but it won't change it's sequence. Help?

  • Got my answer from the dev:

    "Thanks for the email. At the moment, you can not use a MIDI keyboard to change the root note of the pattern. This is because the instrument's control points change their reference depending on the selected Key and Scale. Using a MIDI keyboard to control this changing interface is not straight forward, so I've decided to put off its implementation. Rest assured though, I will be addressing this in the future and will hopefully come up with a nice solution. At the very least I'll be opening up the root note and rate to be controlled with MIDI Notes or MIDI CCs, enabling you to control them in any way you'd like.

    However, you can currently use a MIDI keyboard to change between preset patterns (which is quite fun). The basic idea is you can use a MIDI keyboard to externally set the Pattern Buttons (the 8 buttons underneath the Performance Matrix). This is similar to Pattern Set buttons you often find on drum machines.

    To enable this:
    • In Settings > MIDI Input Settings > MIDI From, set MIDI Source to MIDI port connected to your keyboard
    • In Settings > MIDI Input Settings, set 'External Pattern Set' to ON."

  • @Spookyzoo - thnx for heads up on the 99 cent sale! Been messing with it off and on today. Pretty cool app

  • @gjcyrus Good stuff! :)

    @Ian good to hear you got an answer. Thanks for sharing.

  • It's a really cool app...I used it to control Alchemy a while back.

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    Really, really nice sounds and melody. Thanks for sharing that one. :)

    I've been messin around on the iPhone with Arpeggionome and it's such a great tool, being able to actually play some cool/random melodies on that 3,5"-4" screen is really cool. So my phone is definitely gonna be making a lot more music from now on. And I just know people around me are really gonna love that... ... . . .

  • @Derek - cool track man! Why no guitar on this one? I might have to plop down the $5 for the midi

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