Swing function for StepSequencer/Arpeggiator with synth sounds

Swing function for StepSequencer/Arpeggiator with synth sounds

I am on the look for an iOS synth/arp/stepseq with a swing feature, not for drums - plenty of those around, so far this is what I have :

  • Virsyn Addictive synth + microTera : awesome features, including swing, but a serious bug in midi timing as a recorded sequence longer than 16 bars will start to be off sync, making a live pass of an arp with real time tweaking impossible to use further with well-timed loops ( contacted them about it )

  • Little Midi and B-step : both nice...but no swing

  • Promidi : also great, very familiar look/flow to those working in Logic, Cubase but no swing

  • Arpeggionome : original, but no swing

  • Korg iPolysix : love this app for it's selfcontained full feature richness and it's limitations, has swing, but not applicable to external synth sounds

  • Nanostudio : has swing and external midi but no arpeggiator

  • Magellan : like this one a lot, great sound, has swing arpeggiator, but not the easiest/fastest to work with

Synth apps I would like to swing-arpeggiate with other stepseq/arpeggiator app :

  • Sunrizer
  • Animoog
  • Arturia iSem
  • Thumbjam
  • Sylo Synth
  • Korg iM1
  • FM4

Might StepPolyArp be what I am looking for?

I already posted some time ago about the general catastrophic state of affairs regarding interapp/audiobus midi sync and don't want to pay for another app that is almost there, or works well on its own but not with others




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