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How do you make DnB beats on ios?

edited October 2015 in App Tips and Tricks

Here's one way using DM1 and SunVox. If you don't have SunVox I highly recommend it, probably worth it's small price just for this one effect. I use special effect 7 and by interpolating the start of the loop to the end, each step is given a number and the beat is effectively chopped into 32 equal parts (a bit like a REX file). I can then copy/paste, move parts and generally rearrange and mangle the beat..

This beat and another are downloadable here-


  • Thanks @RUncELL, some cool little tips in there. Hadn't got round to using that sample offset effect yet so appreciate you showing us how.

    Love the hand drawn numbers on the patterns too!

  • Thanks for the video !
    I really love sunvox, but for that purpose ( beat mangling) I'd rather use sector (controlled probabilities/warping/visual feedback...)

    still show how versatile sunvox is ( I really wish it had some kind of piano roll ...)

  • Thanks @Jocphone. Not sure I understand what your picture means.. If you do get stuck into SunVox and err..stuck, tap me up I may be able to help.. Failing that there are tonnes of tutorials about. Cheers..oh and the hand drawn numbers > well I'm not using a stylus now ;)

    Thanks for watching @pierre. Did you see the part where (using AudioBus) SunVox was recorded into Cubasis, thru a certain FX?.. That could easily be replaced with any FX of your choice.. And controlled probabilities! warping visual feedback are all present in SunVox too.. By using Effect 7 I can play the loops anywhere on a keyboard and they keep the same tempo.. Like explained above, it's similar to using REX.cheers

  • @RUncELL said:
    Thanks Jocphone. Not sure I understand what your picture means..

    Ha ha, that was a comment for @pierre. People new to SunVox often decrie the lack of a piano roll but, after working with SunVox for a while you get to realise how powerful the tracker interface is. I was suggesting that if you accept SunVox for what it is, you will get more out of it.

  • @RUncELL Thanks for the tutorial. I picked up SunVox on sale a while back and haven't used it that much. Thanks to you I have reason to go back.

    Also great job on the video. You really explained your idea well and I like how you took it step by step. Do you have any more videos? I'm on and off this forum because of my job, family, and friends so I might have missed them.

  • @RUncELL I don't, or won't, comment on youtube videos on youtube anymore, so I'll tell you here: AWSOME instruction and execution and "song"!!!

  • edited October 2015

    Thanks @mkell424, @audiblevideo. I much prefer just making music, but took a couple of days out to make this and show all here there's a lot of creative fun to be had making a DnB beat. Rather than just speeding up Gadget and plugging it thru Sector.. I repeat each step twice, which drags it out a bit I think . I have made one other video about sampling, using NanoStudio to group all sounds together, that can be played over midi from Cubasis.. I see them more as - this is how I / and hopefully you learn something too/ workflow guide.. Cheers guys

    Note- the only way to get sounds into SunVox is via iTunes or General Pasteboard. Hence the DM1 to AudioCopy to AudioShare to General Pasteboard to SunVox.

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