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What is the Song of the Month Club?

It's a place where musicians come to give and receive feedback on their work. Anyone is welcome, whatever their level of ability.

The spirit of the club is to contribute: if you submit a song for others to comment on, you should also have the courtesy to listen to everyone else's contributions and give as much feedback as possible. Posting a track and not listening and commenting on others is not cool.

The purpose of feedback is to be honest. Essentially you should give your truthful impressions of the song, whether good or bad. Negative feedback, if done in the right spirit and with courtesy, is often the most useful and can help the artist to grow and improve.

All submissions are welcome, don't hesitate if you want to contribute. Instrumentals are very welcome, and songs with vocals are especially encouraged, so if you are thinking of experimenting with vocals this is a good place to get started.



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    SoundCloud account:

    This month's entries:

    Matt_Fletcher_2000 - Las Vegas Slowed Down:

    LostBoy85 - In The Moment:

    touchconspiracy - subterrainian-2011-unmastered

    Bluepunk - Only One Man:

    BvsMV - Until The Next

    Matt_Fletcher_2000 - Ocular

    richard yot - Feel The Breeze:

    AlterEgo_UK - The Shades:

    Igneous1 - Adjacent Investment:

    High5denied - Rise of the Capacitor:

    JohnnyGoodyear - Love Song for Pepper, parts 1 and 2

    Jeff Chasteen - Yes Certainly

    BvsMV - Until The Next (1984 Running In Slow Motion Edit)

    gburks - Fruit Smash feat. G3 (watermelon mix)

    Johnny Goodyear - True Story

    Monzo - Sleeping Stones

    rkmonkey - Halloween Angst

    Jocphone - face head wall gaze hail shot

  • Yay!

    I'd really like some feedback on this:

    It's part sequenced / part arranged live using some new workflow i've been working on.

    Apps used:

    • iElectribe

    • Patterning

    • Animoog

    • MutiTrack DAW

    • AudioReverb

    • AudioMastering

  • @Matt_Fletcher_2000 I found your song to be a very calming tonic after a tough day. Serene throughout with some great sounds. I like that deep sound (like an incredibly happy frog in at .30) running thru most of the tune. What is that?. It's a catchy rhythm you have made with that. Those off beat/sinc hi hats really work for me & because you have only used them sparingly (08, 1.38 & especially at 2.03 to 2.12) they stand out even more. All mixed & mastered very well to my ears. Nice one. :)

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    Cool - thanks @Bluepunk . Glad you found it relaxing.

    I think that "happy frog" noise is from Pattterning - can't remember the preset to be honest but there's some lovely sounds that come with that app.

    Other hits I made twiddling with iElectribe and turning its internal reverb up high. I'm also using a NanoPad2 midi controller with the 'gater' on the XY pad set to "beat repeat" certain iElectribe hits in fast succession (works well with hats and cymbal sounds particularly + reverb).

    It wasn't really mixed or mastered at all to be honest - but I think the fact it's just 3 apps and really only one meaty Animoog synth patch (the rest of the sounds are just little hits) means I get away with it. I might have over done the 'crush' on Animoog at times though - anyone notice that ? :)

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    First off: Nothing prepares me to go up the stairs of disbelief suspension etc quite like an excellent title. Nice. All kinds of associations.

    As regards the tune, dear reader, I married him.

    Erm. Not him, but it. Just (to my metabolism) in that sweet spot where a movie and good go-slower drugs hit. I imagine/I've heard etc.

    Dreamy. In the literal way of things.

  • Thank you. I'll file that in the "positive JGY reviews" drawer. Glad you liked it.

  • @Matt_Fletcher_2000 Well,that was a lot more chilled out than I remember Vegas being:) hence the title I guess:) I usually come away from casino's feeling more like @monzo September track!:D haha! (No offence Mr Monzo)

    Well you'll be hard pushed to find someone who doesn't like it Matt.Its very easy on the ears.I wish I had more technical knowledge so I could offer better feedback than that mate.Weirdly I felt more like I was in some natural hot springs half way up a volcano than in Vegas!:D

    Did you use harmonic dogs multitrack daw or multitrack studio? Anyway thanks for sharing your process mate.Great job!

  • @Matt_Fletcher_2000 what @JohnnyGoodyear said. I think.
    Great atmosphere and vibe. I also found it relaxing and mesmerizing.

  • Thanks @LostBoy85 and @rkmonkey

    I really enjoyed playing it semi live and making it to be honest. My average is about 16 tracks in Gadget so the fact this has just 3 tracks is a bit liberating really.

    It was played directly and simultaneously into harmonic dogs multitrack DAW - which is wonderfully nice and simple.

  • Didn't really join in with last month's club and leaving everything till the end of the month doesn't work now that we have this volume of submissions. So I'm going to try reviewing earlier.

    @Matt_Fletcher_2000 really impressed with the distance you've travelled this month. By that I mean I think you are starting to explore further afield. I know you always put a lot of effort in to your productions but they always struck me as striving to be 'tasteful'. The sound design and atmosphere of this track could almost be described as strident! Which I heartily applaud.

    If there is one thing I would like to hear tweaked; around the middle there are some sounds which I will describe as slightly distorted accordion swells(?!). I think they could have been more prominent and exerted much more movement to the track at the point.

    No matter though. An exciting departure!

  • Echoing the calming peaceful feel to the music. The first few seconds of the song, there is an FX that I thought didn't fit really well with the other instruments/synths/FX. After 3 or 4 listens though, I like it. It reminds me of a carousel starting up. So, it's like your song is starting up. The song progresses nicely, starts off, then the other dimensions are added. And throughout there are subtle differences that keep me interested until the end.

    Good stuff!

    I hope to be taking part in this thread very soon. Hopefully. Gonna need lots of constructive criticism on my stuff when I do. I love making music, all kinds, but mixing mastering, putting it all together like a well done PB & J sandwich is not easy for me.

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    Thanks @High5denied

    That effect is actually a happy accident. The Animoog patch was set to 90BPM but the track clock is at 120BPM so it's Animoog gradually speeding up its LFO and delay etc over a bar or so. I'm sure there's away to avoid that in Animoog - but I decided I quite liked it as a start to the track.

    Looking forward to your submission when it comes...

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    Hey guys & girls?? I'm really not sure how this song started on a dog stayed in my bits and pieces file in audioshare and I kind of kept coming back to it..& now all of a sudden it's done!:D

    It's a very simple arrangement and I really just wanted to kind of make it a sing by a campfire,easy breezy affair.My mum was a huge John Denver fan when I was little and I think for better or worse I was trying to capture some of that:) I'm super pleased that it's under 3 mins!:)

    I used sessionband acoustic 1,isymphonic,vocalive,auria & IM1.All singing into the wife's wardrobe (more stuff in it!:) with the internal mic.
    Any comments are welcome:)

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    I have heard synonyms for most everything, but singing into the wife's wardrobe has a sweet, old-fashioned (and filthy) charm :)

    Now off to listen to the tune!

  • @LostBoy85 yes to everything. Fuck dude your voice is sick. You are my favorite singer. Great song. Wardrobes and sessionband. You win.

  • @LostBoy85 Yeah. Sweet. In all the senses of the word. I think if your vocal is at a -say- 6 it should go up a single notch. I would like it just a little more on top of the mix. A tad, a bit, a smidge.

    Like the iSymphonic plenty, nice touch/interlude, and the overall structure is good. Not too much change/variance, but enough. Well done.

    A bone? Sure. Kind of a big one, so -as ever- take it under advisement counselor etc. I would like to hear the 'in the moment' phrasing, not even the melody really, just the phrasing, tried in other ways. It is the pay off line and while it's OK, it doesn't seem to cash in as much as it could. AND, of course, I totally understand if you feel that your mum told you in a dream that that's exactly the way it should be and I am completely wrong as well as being a grotesque freak etc. :)

    Everyone's got toast after all :)

  • @rkmonkey Thanks very much mate! That was way too generous about the singing though!:D very kind of you all the same.

    @JohnnyGoodyear thanks Johnny.Ive resubmitted it with a little louder on the vocals.I worked quite hard with reference tracks on this one (ed sheeran) I think you were right though,hence the adjustment.As for the pay off,you may be right about that as well but I'm keeping it as it is.I realise this is a simple song melody wise and I guess it's in that for me where lies its charm:) I appreciate your thoughts though mate so thanks!
    Oh yeah,& I knew as I wrote about my wife's wardrobe that someone was gonna twist that shit! Haha!

  • @LostBoy85 All good my friend.

  • @Matt_Fletcher_2000 nice downtempo track, the live playing aspect adds some variety to the repeating motif. Lots of little additions that help the track evolve, and yes it's a nice departure from your other work.

    It's great that you are adding a performance aspect to your music as well - performances allow for serendipity and happy accidents, and moments of magic that you can't get any other way.

  • @LostBoy85 said:

    Matt_Fletcher_2000 Well,that was a lot more chilled out than I remember Vegas being:) hence the title I guess:) I usually come away from casino's feeling more like monzo September track!:D haha! (No offence Mr Monzo)

    None taken - my track was a bit challenging on the brain last month. Like your new one though.


    Lovely, my favourite of yours so far - the sort of music I'd happily pay for.

  • @LostBoy85 Your singing is still improving! You're definitely doing things with your voice that I hadn't heard you do before.

    I love the harmony that sits behind the voice after the first verse, and the lovely little climb on the word "stars", and generally the melodies are beautiful.

    I think I agree with Johnny about the "live in the moment" line, maybe a third harmony part on it might give it a lift - I think because the rhythm slows down on that line, and the melody dips downwards it doesn't seem to sit well with the rest of the song. The melodies in the verse are so varied and interesting but for that line it's mostly one note: just live in the mo-ment (with a tone or semitone drop on "mo" and then back up). It should really be the biggest hook in the song, but because it's the simplest melody in the whole arrangement it doesn't quite pull it off IMO.

    The part where you sing "just... do what you want" seems to work much better for me, maybe because of the arrangement, when the instruments drop out.

    It's a good song though, you're unquestionably one of the best songwriters on this board, and the best singer by far. You've got a great knack for writing vocal melodies, and in different genres - you've done 80's pop, Shoegaze with Marcel, acoustic folk this month - you're really killing it, and your entries are always worth looking forward to.

  • @LostBoy85 another thought has occured to me: the problem might be with the meter of the line, if I sing "just live in the moment" to myself it feels a bit awkward, whereas just changing it a little, to say for example "living in the moment" it flows much more naturally. Just a thought.

  • @LostBoy85 - that's a fantastic track. Really nice song that kind of moves you even though it's very simple and the lyrics are quite 'route 1'.

    I quite like the slight awkwardness of the "live in the moment" line. It kind of feels a bit out of place at first - but actually I think it makes the song have some character (the way that line is down played).

    Great voice in this track. And I like the rising strings.

  • @LostBoy85 yet another wonderful song you've crafted. It flows along like a gentle stream with the odd leaf dropping in to cause small ripples along its meandering journey.

    Beautifully sung & I particularly love the way you sing "the moment." I feel it works the way you have fitted it in (Is that phrasing?) & because I wasn't expecting it, it made one of those ripples. You say simple arrangement but as a non tunesmith I'd be jumping for joy producing something like this. Yep, I get the campfire reference & I also think it's very radio friendly like all of your songs I've heard.

    Do you gig? With your song writing ability & having a terrific voice, if you're not then......... Another hit. :)

    Ps. My neice said you ought to be on The Voice or xfactor! From her that's a rare compliment indeed.

  • Thanks by the way @Monzo. I'll DM you my bank details :).

  • @LostBoy85..............

    Great song. Session band huh? I loved your voice when it first hit, then the harmonizing came in, and it was even better. I can deff. hear the John Denver in this song. The lyrics are very good as well.

    Very nice song. I like the style a lot.

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    @LostBoy85 Well done!!!! Just listened to it once - without thinking about what might be wrong or could be better - and I think it is a lovely song!!

    (after listening to it more:) Nice and simple approach/setup - guitar, strings, voice, bit drums - love that. Makes your voice stand out great! Sessionband acoustic is very real. The incoming strings: very nice! Construction of the song and mixing is also great! Very good lyrics also. Another wonderful production. You should thank your dog for taking you for a walk :)



  • Haha! Nooo! Don't do it Johnny!!!!!!!!!!

    @monzo thanks man,not too bonjovi for you that one eh?:)

    @Richardyot thank you mate.I put any improvement on my vocals down to writing and recording 6 songs in 6 months! Whatever your 'instrument' is it has to get better using it that much! I look forward to the day that I can just get the vocal right in say 5 takes:)

    As for the 'in the moment' ideas,thanks ,I hear you and as I said to JG you may be right but in all honesty I guess I just kinda like them how they are:) it may settle for you on future listens if u were so inclined.Thanks again mate!:D

    @Matt_Fletcher_2000 cheers dude! i was surprised and properly chuffed that you liked it so much.(maybe u had a D&B beat going off in your head at the same time!:)

    @BluePunk thanks a lot man,that was quite a lovely visual response:) to answer your question,no I don't gig but I did for a while when I was younger.Please thank your niece for me:)

    @High5denied Thankyou very much,I'm chuffed you liked it.I look forward to hearing your stuff:)

    @Marcel haha! Yes I am glad my dog took me for a walk!!:D Thanks a lot mate.Soooo
    Will we hear anything from you this month? Hope soooo....:D

  • @JohnnyGoodyear said:

    I don't even listen to the tracks anymore, I just show up for your comments.

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