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Spotify as an input

This would be a legal minefield, I'm sure, but they said Audiobus couldn't be done, and here we are.

Seriously, this would be amazing for sampling.


  • Yeah, I'd LOVE to be able to use YouTube as an input.

  • By using an audio interface and another ios device such as an iPhone or iPod touch this could easily be done!

  • Work around video below it can be done

  • @Sebastian would it be possible to have "Background Audio" as a recordable input in Audiobus? this would probably be the easiest way for folks to use another audio app such as Spotify as an input for remixing and whatnot.

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    @Jeremicci: Your best bet is to do what I do. Download YouTube videos, rename the extension from MP4 to M4A, then open the video in AudioShare and clip the bits you want to use.

    To download YouTube videos, use a file manager app that supports file downloads, like Documents by Readdle or GoodReader.

    Go to this site:

    You can download the MP4 source files from YouTube there.

    I should probably write a step by step guide to link to whenever this subject comes up.

    Edit: I posted a guide on my blog.

  • @hypoetical: No, it doesn't work like that, sadly. Someone's gotta make an Audiobus enabled Spotify app...

  • i've been sampling spotify into audiobus recently from the comfort of my own bed :) i open spotify on the imac then use the wifi2hifi app to send it to my ipad into audiobus.. i control spotify with the remoteless app on my iphone et voila... gets a bit laggy if i got too many apps open but its handy

  • This is only cool if you don't have your music on Spotify for sale. If you have then think about the copyright implications.

  • Anytune Pro will let you download the audio from any youtube video (and several other sites as well). Not the solution you're talking about, but it's a handy app and I keep waiting for Apple to pull it any day.

  • @FrankieJay said:

    This is only cool if you don't have your music on Spotify for sale. If you have then think about the copyright implications.

    ummm yeh i would worry about copyright if i was to profit from any of my beats but its just for fun for me. i love sampled music: dj shadow's endtroducing changed my life and that albums 100% samples ...massive fan of what pete rock, dilla, madlib, etc do with samples as well.. just enjoy trying it out myself

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    Just to blur things

  • I literally cracked this problem yesterday with Beatmaker 3 and dJay+Spotify. Realised Spotify disabled IAA, however it doesn't disable iOS 11 iPad Pro screen recording.

    Record the screen, use Video to Audio app from the app store, copy the audio and paste into BM3, et voila.

    Not the smoothest way but definitely serviceable if you want to try some in-the-box sampling.

  • Please have a look at the other topic in this forum that mentions Spotify.
    This other app seems to do it right.

  • Youtube also 'works' with Amplifind.

  • Not in my country, apparently.
    But no problem.

  • Oh, well there's always iCabMobile that lets you download Youtube movies in case someone needs it...

  • And really, I mean...don’t we all have both an iPhone and an iPad?

  • @boone51 said:
    And really, I mean...don’t we all have both an iPhone and an iPad?


  • @rthr said:
    Youtube also 'works' with Amplifind.

    Spotify also works with Amplifind. That was the initial question, no?

  • Hi! What I use for sampling is Cognosonic’s Audiostretch Lite, which is IAA.

    I screen record a video from YT sometimes but mostly I screen record radio stations online.

    I then open the video file on Audiostretch. From that moment even the preview of the video is already being fired as Audio into whatever Daw I’m using (Cubasis or BM3).

    I find it very useful for sampling.

    All the best!

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