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Lemur template for Loopy and Turnado

I've been working lately on a Lemur template for controlling together Loopy and Turnado. I think this combination is perfect for live situations.
Loopy HD: Toggle Tracks on/off. Volume Control. Receive MIDI Clock. Visual Tempo indicator
Turnado: Control 8 FX faders, Dry/Wet Fader, Dictator Fader. 4 Fader position user presets with sync to tempo option. 4 XY physics balls controls. Reset button

I'm tweaking some last details before uploading it to the Lemur user forum. It has a long boring process for the initial setup (binding all the midi events to Loopy tracks), but this has to be done once.

Thanks to Audiobus! Such a concept would never be real without it :)

Here is a video of the template in action:



  • Thanks saveas! I'm new to the customizable controller world. Does having an iphone or ipad mini hinder the performance of using Lemur or other tools such as TouchOSC since you'd have a bunch of apps running at same time?

  • @gjcyrus usually midi controller apps (at least those which I have tried) do not have a significant CPU footprint. Lemur, for example, is very lightweight as long as you don't use a lot of scripts checking things every frame.

  • Nice job, now you've got a lot of control on one page. The physics part looks pretty fun, adds an extra dimension of automation to Turnado.

  • Can TouchOSC control iPad apps, I can't find anywhere with a definitive answer, and everything I see is all external to the computer to control stuff on the computer...

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    @SaveAs - Just curious, how long did it take you to set this up? I could imagine getting really into this but am scared I'd be spending all my time setting up templates without actually writing anything as I'm a noob to Lemur. Also, could you use this same setup on Iphone or do you have to customize separate ones for both iphone and ipad?
    @JMsexton - I'd like to find this out as well since Lemur is $50 and TouchOSC is $5. I only mentioned touchosc as I firt heard about lemur contolling ableton and somebody mentioning touchosc being an alternative.

  • @gjcyrus it took me about 3 days, a couple of hours each, including reading some tutorials etc. It's not so difficult to make a template like this provided you have some sense on programming. For simple templates you don't have to know coding of course, you just drag and drop objects in the editor!

  • @saveas - thanks man! Good to know.

    @Jmsexton - i was reading in the description for touchosc that they added midibridge last year. So wouldnt that mean that through Midibridge, it could control iphone apps?

  • Saveas.....a thing of beauty...inspiring.
    Deleted turnado but your vid just made me
    think again.

  • @commonstookie Deleting Turnado is a crime :-P

  • @gjcyrus - I saw that the other day and read into it, its not the MidiBridge your thinking of, its a desktop program they make that has the same name.....bummer!

  • Yes, touchosc can control apps via virtual midi. You have to program touch osc from your desktop FYI.

  • @SaveAs - any chance of you posting the template on the forum?

  • @funjunkie27 Sorry for delaying the release, but I'm struggling to find some time to write a how-to set it up. I hope that by next week it will be up!

  • No worries @SaveAs...finding time for anything has long been a challenge for me as well.

  • I am curious about your template, is it finish? Will you share it in here?

  • Yes how's it going with this template SAVEAS would love it if you released a copy.

  • Funny, I checked the other day when I picked up Lemur on price drop to see if this was released yet

  • I wonder if there is any update here.

  • @saveas ,Where is he?

    Not only this forum, like loopy forum, he disappeared.

  • its a great idea... i might start putting a similar template together. it wouldn't require too much work.

    More on this to come once I finish the iMS-20 patch panel tutorial.

  • @uglykidmoe - First, thanks for the upcoming tut! I know it requires a lot of hard work and planning so please don't think I'm rushing you, just a future idea! A Lemur tutorial would be awesome, especially focusing on "sub-templates" and the use of code to change/affect individual parts (slider, x/y pad, and etc) of a template.

  • True, true... that would be great. Lemur is a challenge to teach through one-way communication (booklet, video, or otherwise). It's very deep and everyone has different things that they want to do with it, meaning everyone has different questions about it.

    And if someone doesn't understand basic javascript coding, then it's going to be very difficult to explain the true power of Lemur. You would first have to explain the code and syntax, then explain the app itself, etc. etc. Its huge undertaking.

  • hahaaa, this guy is everywhere in the web when you look for a lemur loopy-template, but he has never shared his work. and now he's just vanished!

    ...i have found this lemur template for loopy, very nice work!! thanks for sharing:

  • edited January 2014

    Very interesting find, @eccecello! Especially that he said this :

    So, I have attached com.atastypixel.loopy-hd.plist. This is the preference file with all the configurations in.

    I've got to look into this, I had no idea you could save and share Loopy settings by loading a plist file using ifunbox. Does this file include the MIDI bindings??

  • @hmtx yeah, that's pretty useful. but .plist he offers is from a previous loopy version, so i used this cool app:

    to open it, copy all midi bindings and settings (it's very easy), and then open my .plist and substitute mine (first you have to take it out of loopy, then edit, then save, then put back). don't forget to make a backup of your original .plist!

  • thanks for that! but, then I'm also no good at computer code. I can copy and paste files and iFunbox is super easy. But editing files seems like more work than creating 40+ bindings in Loopy.

  • That explains why it wouldn't work for me. If you've already made the changes @eccecello, can you share it?

  • and here's a free plist editor for OSX:


    I opened the plist file, and confirmed I have no idea what to do... I don't even have Lemur :-b I just wanted to learn how to transfer Loopy's MIDI bindings to another iPad. Sorry to get off topic. I'll go start a new thread on the Loopy forum if I really want to pursue this. Really, I've been hoping @michael will add a way to import/export MIDI bindings within Loopy.

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