Cubasis Update
  • I can't be more specific right now, sorry.

  • Guys, in Cubasis, try zipping the project and send it to Dropbox. Unzip it and extract the loops and put them in Ableton or whatever. It's THAT simple.

  • Also, works for Loopy. Open iTunes, and through file sharing, drag the MyAwesomeProject.loopysession onto your desktop, and do the same thing. With the new update, the loops are nice and tidy too.

    PS: Hold CTRL / CMD while dragging them into Ableton to spread them to separate tracks ;)

  • No need for iTunes to get the files you recorded in cubasis just double tap the loop and In the wave editor you have "save to media" and that's it.

  • I have use midi Clock sync in Meteor for record my TB-303...there is a video on my youtube: And it Work really quality it's cool and have good IAP effect... But I Work in Auria. & I can use other app without FabFilter & other Auria effects & option of editing.

  • heads up Audiobussers, there's a major flaw in the most recent version of Cubasis. it's happened to me twice already – be wary of hitting the undo button if you have not saved your recorded audio to the Media Bay. it wipes out some of your tracks and they can't be restored. had a nice groove going tonight and it just killed it for me. Steinberg said they're on it, so it should be fixed in the next update. sucks nonetheless.

  • @Sinapsya I notice you're testing an Audiobus compatible iPulsaret. Which slots will it work in?

  • does anybody else having huge latency issues when playing and recording ipolysix through/in cubasis?Doesn't matter which buffer i set.Everything else works just fine.I switched off anything else in the background (plus wifi)and i have an ipad 4.So,it shouldn't be a problem.

  • for PaulB // For now only input.....but I hope effect too

  • That would be nice.

  • I'm finding that neither Auria nor Cubasis like my iPad2 at all. Harmonicdog's Multitrack DAW is much more friendly to my older device, but its interface with Audiobus is awkward in that it seems to insist on creating a new song file every time I connect the DAW to Audiobus. It's functional, and it works way better than either Auria or Cubasis on my iPad2, but it's not ideal. Guess I need to upgrade the iPad next.

  • Cubasis update then? ;)

  • An 11 month threadsurrection.

  • Hello,
    Sorry for resurection, but I just can't find anything about my more or less related problem...

    I just bought Cubasis, and really, no external midi controller allowed = useless to me.
    I think I'm going to ask a refund, because this is just a shame...(OMHO)

    So, anyone here could tell me about midi implementation of Meteor ? Can you jump thru the markers into a song thru an external midi controller ? Also can you mute/unmute, change volume for each track using external an midi device ?

    This is crazy, all major companies are just erasing half of midi functionnalities used for the last 30 years on Ipad stuffs...

  • External midi works great for me in Cubasis. Are you using core midi compliant gear and setting the routing/channelization correctly?