No latency - amazing - will always be true?
  • WOW. No perceivable latency recording from Sunrizer into Multitrack DAW! How are you accomplishing this Audiobus team? Can I expect this from every app combination? Some kind of compensation going on?

    Congratulations on this monumental release!
  • Cheers!

    I'm glad to hear it. That's a combination of some very careful buffer management, and, as you say, compensation based on audio timestamps. Audiobus carries the timestamp of each chunk of audio from when it was generated, and the recorder app will use that to eliminate the effects of latency. You can expect that to remain so for the foreseeable future.
  • Simply amazing. Desktop users will lust for this capability! ;-)
  • Well, Mac and Linux (and to a lesser extent windows) users have had this for years with JACK!

    Soundflower for Mac can be useful here too -
  • Of course Sonosaurus, but they dont compensate for latency! ;-)
  • They don't? Wow, I didn't know that.
  • JACK apps certainly can compensate for latency, see for a benchmark example of a JACK-enabled DAW for Mac and Linux. Most of the native JACK applications are still Linux-only, so the popularity of it hasn't spread as quickly to the other platforms. But they got there first, almost a decade ago :)