Preset Sharing: Waldorf Nave
  • Edit: Updated 30/03/14 , Just a smaller update this time to fix a few issues...Added 10 preset to my bank (around 120 presets in total), edited some older presets due to changes in Nave, plus some smoothing over here and there. New links below the sound examples...

    Edit: Updated 19/08/13 , Added link to 20 preset demo bank from Sunsine Audios new Evanave bank

    Edit: Updated 14/08/13 , 70+ presets added to my bank (around 110 presets total). Link to 2 new SmiteMatter banks added

    My bank will be updated with new sounds over time. Also other users and sites Nave banks will be added below, and updated as often as I can.

    Since Waldorf does´nt seem to have a community thingy going on i thought this would be a good place to share presets for various iOS audio apps/synths. Starting with Nave in this thread.

    Nave is the first synth I´m actually making presets from scratch with, which is a testament to how great and easy the interface is to grasp for a only-use-factory-presets synthesis newb like me. I´m no sound designer, and only got basic synthesis knowledge. But I´m gonna start with putting up my Nave bank, and hope others will follow!

    Basically all the presets make use of the X/Y pad and/or the Mod wheel to alter the sounds more or less drastically, many also use the x/y on the keys to add pitch bend to a guitar or more movement to a pad and so on. Remember that you can use the whole iPad screen as a modulation area while holding a key/note. Can be easy to miss all that since so few factory presets use any assigned modulation inputs.

    Also, share your own banks/presets! Only free stuff in here tho, no selling presets (asking for donations is obviously OK though!). You'll find a list with banks made available from other sites & people below, which I'll try to update as often as I can.

    I put together sound demos for some of the presets currently in the bank. Made and slapped together with tablet clip-on speakers so watch your ears. :)

    Part 1:

    Part 2 (latest presets examples):

    And the bank (Nave supports Open In, so no need for a computer):

    Source 1 Audiobombs -

    Audiobombs page:

    Source 2 Dropbox -

    Nave file:

    Zip file (if the above don´t work):

    (Note, importing banks via iTunes filesharing seems to crash Nave, just delete the file again if that happens and download/import it on your iDevice via "Open in..." -> Nave)

    OTHER USER BANKS: is sharing a bank here: are sharing banks from various users here (and will add new content to their Dropbox):

    Digital Resonance are sharing a demo bank with a bunch of presets at their webstore: shares a bank at their site here:

    @R_2 shares a bank on the next page in this thread (audio demos & Dl link below):


    Alternatively at Navetables/R_2s Audiobombs page:

    @JMSexton shares a bank on the second page in this thread (dl link below):


    Sound designer Alba Ecstasy shares a free Nave bank with 21 presets on his site here:

    SmiteMatter shares 2 new banks to go along the 100th blog post here:

    Sunsine audio shares a 20 preset demo bank from their new Evanave bank at:

  • Nice job @ChrisG. I did have to use the rar , but that worked great.

  • Hmm, that's odd... The Dropbox link doesn't work in Safari but I copied/pasted it into GoodReader's "Download" area and it worked just fine, I opened it into The Naverator...Thanks a bunch @ChrisG time to play on my first day off!!!

  • ChrisGChrisG +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )

    Cool, thanks. Might be the S in the https that's messing up the links. So try without the S in https..

  • Nice programming ChrisG. Thanks for sharing for free. I will put these to good use I'm sure. Well done. Keep programming I think you have the knack for it.

  • The demo sounds great ChrisG. However, I'm having no luck importing this bank. I get to the .rar file in Dropbox just fine, but when I choose Open In, Nave is not one of my options.

    Please excuse my incompetence, but can someone please provide a little more instruction on how to access this bank using only an iPad?

  • You need a file manager app to uncompress the rar file first. I use GoodReader, but there are others out there as well.

  • Thanks iPadArtist!

    Doromi: Yea nave only recognizes .navebank files. So you'll need something that can unpack rar files and use Open In (which would be basically any 3rd party browser for iOS on the AppStore, or a file manager app like GoodReader and similar). Or do it the old fashioned way and use a computer and iTunes and put the unpacked file in Naves filesharing (Nave should import it when you start it up again, just make sure you kill it from the multitask bar).

  • By the way, sharing and discussing tips & tricks for creating sounds in Nave (and sounds in general) is definitely welcome! I'm kinda driving blind so to speak when doing presets, obviously learning along the way tho. And I'm sure a lot more people then me would appreciate some tips/techniques and so on. I know there's a few videos starting to popup on YouTube so I'm gonna check those out.

    Edit: If there's a wavetable in there you wanna use, just use the export wavetable options under Tools in the wave full screen. The wavetable will get whatever name the preset has (and there's no way to organize them yet). That's one tips from me :)

  • Hey all. Keep your eyes out for an announcement coming soon to this thread for a preset exchange site for iOS synths that is under construction now. It will eliminate the hassles that people have had getting ChrisG's presets into Nave. By the way, I used Winzip's app to download the rar and sent it to Nave directly from there.

  • Thanks funjunkie27 and thanks again ChrisG! It was a piece of cake with GoodReader. There are some great sounds in this bank.

  • ZenLizard: Awesome, looking forward to that. Is that what came out of the talk over at disccords site the other day?

    Thanks doromi!

  • ---Argh!! What am I doing wrong? I have an iPad2 and I used a rar extractor thing to unzip the files and they show up in the iTunes file sharing part Nave crashes every time I try to use it now. If I delete the new sounds it works just fine. Also I have no other apps open...

  • Weird. Did you try the first link with the *.navebank file? I really have no clue, other then the rar file you have might be corrupted (try to re download it, and/or use another unpacker on your iOS device, then use Open In...>Nave).

    Anyone else getting the same problems?

    Edit: If all fails, you can message me your email so I can send the bank to you. And from the iOS email app just use "open in...nave"

  • I didn't have any problems with it.

  • .navebank wouldn't open in Safari but opened the rar from Safari into GoodReader and from there unrared then opened in Nave.

    Some nice sounds. Thanks!

  • I have the same crash problems as @ScottM. Once the file is deleted, Nave will open normally.

    I'll try to send it to my email and open in from Nave.

    Regardless, thanks for making these available.

  • Really weird. The app certainly is a crash fest when doing presets, going through wavetables etc. But still, the bank itself is stable so to speak, and is exported straight from within Nave, so dunno what could cause it to work for some and crash for others. Hope you can solve it, or maybe the thing Zens posted above will help when all that is up and running

  • One possible thing I can think of is that a lot of the presets are using new imported wavetables, most really really tiny like a fraction of a second long. And Nave crashed on a lot of the files I tried to import (it seems like it really really don't like tiny waves). But all the wavetables in the bank obviously got imported fine since I'm using them. BUT it might be that some wavetables are giving it trouble even when they're in a bank when importing it? It's just a thought, and I which TempoRubato or Waldorf could shim in on this. IF that's the case I guess retrying the bank import is the only way for now(?).

  • I didn't have any issues. I put the DL link in the internal downloader of GoodReader, unzipped, the opened in...Nave without issue and now @ChrisG has his own personal bank in my version of Have lol

  • OK, I was able to get it working by using GoodReader. Something must have went awry with my iTunes file sharing procedure.

    I'm at work now but hope to audition the presets tomorrow.

    Thanks again for uploading them.

  • I have the same problem using iTunes. I use Dropbox on my iPad to load navebank files into Nave.

  • GREAT - used the .rar - link and "open in iZip" - then unpack and "open in Nave" - no problems and some very good sounds from Mister ChrisG - Thank you! I am looking for a full midi implemention list but the manual only allows a few things to be controlled ... Any help ?

  • Ok so there seems to be some weirdness with Nave and the iTunes filesharing import then. Anyone tried to import any other banks via iTunes?

    Pipo79: Thanks! About the MIDI, tap and hold your finger on any of the controls in Nave and a midi-learn window will popup allowing you to map any cc value (I guess?).

  • ChrisG: That's it ! When you use MidiDesigner (freeversion) it should be possible to map the acceleration controller towards the LFO- Rate like Animoog does ... It's just some weird feature but I like it so much when I tilt the Ipad very slowly and the Bass starts "wobbeling" .... I will check this out and post to this Forum.... Best regards !

  • Everyone loves wobbly basses! Lol...

    Btw I have the dubstep bass preset LFO rate set to the x/y on the keys (slide up for faster wobble and slide down for slower, or use the XY pad).

    Speaking of, I need to learn how to use the mod matrix and all that stuff better. I noticed a lot of my presets that use the filter adsr loop thingy doesn't exactly follow any tempo changes.

  • Yes - that's weird ....that's why I look for getting control over it ....I really like your stringy-presets as well ...

  • I used the link to the .rar file in Safari and opened it in the Documents app and from their opened it in Nave and all of the banks work fine. Thanks!

  • Easy import with iCab browser (only serious iOS browser IMO). Hold the first link and downloaded file, then opened directly in Nave. No crash yet (iPad 2) only nice sounds ;-)

  • @ChrisG great work Chris. Your Nave presets are busy working there way through the online community. Well done!!

  • Very cool sounds. Thanks @ChrisG. They opened easy and quickly into Nave via iZip (a free & useful app).

  • Cool thanks. :)

    I also use iCab as browser, so I never have any problems downloading various things from the Internet, extract files in iCab, and/or move files from iCab to another app or Dropbox etc. A simple download manager for Safari wouldn't hurt anyone, Apple.

  • Copy nave link, switch to GoodReader, Web Doenlosd, Mnsgr - "Open In" Nave. No problems. Thanks, @ChrisG

  • Download! iThing Fingers, sry

  • There seems to be a BUG in iTunes file sharing and Nava, I am getting the crashing problem and once I remove the file its ok.

  • ---For those like me who aren't that familiar with what everyone is talking about on here and need help getting this great bank on your's how I did it: I downloaded the file to my computer and unzipped it to the desktop so I could find it easily. I then emailed the unzipped file to the iPad email address that I set up in settings and then went to that file and it said, "Open In" and since I had already installed Nave it was one of my options so I chose it. The file/bank with those great sounds was then on my iPad in the Nave app!! I guess this is how you do this with others if you can't go through ITunes file sharing. I hope this helps those like me who don't have the time to figure out a lot on this great device...

  • Yea iTunes filesharing is a no go for some reason.

    Anyway, have made a bank with some nice pads, wobble basses and more, available at their site:

  • Just downloaded your Nave bank, @ChrisG. (Downloaded rar to Dropbox, unzipped on PC in Dropbox and opened from Dropbox on iPad in Nave no problem using 'Open in'). Great sounds - thanks for sharing! :-)

  • Wrong post, sorry

  • Just wanted to say I am liking your presets, @ChrisG. Great job. Thanks for sharing these.

  • Free presets from iOS music community, I thought I share with you

  • Really really nice presets. Thanks Clif, Smite Matter & @Tandets! Very appreciated.

    Gonna try to reorganize the first post a bit ASAP so we can put all links to websites that pop ups, at the top of thread.

    Edit: Btw, I'm soon done doing another 10 presets for the ChrisG bank (feels silly with that name but wth) which makes it around 30 presets total so far. The new presets contains some voice sounds to complement the more orchestral and ambient/pad stuff I guess (like female soprano and more choir-ish variations). Some oriental-ish stuff and other "exotic" sounding things in there as well. The size is still under 1mb! It's pretty amazing that this synth (and PPGs apps I'm guessing) can take like a ~0.1 to 0.3 sec long sample of a string, horn, voice, guitar, whatever basically and have it all still sounding really good . Anyway not sure how often I'm gonna update the bank yet. I'll make an update here when I upload a new file.

  • Just getting a page full of code on the last 2 links.....any ideas ?

  • Deja vu? Try pasting the link into GoodReader and opening it into Nave from there

  • I think you can also create a text file and paste the code into it, then rename the file extension to whatever Nave uses (which I don't recall.)

  • Thanks Ian, Mark all as viewed abuse I think, Chris G's worked fine just not the other 2 links.

  • The new bank is up! Over 20 new presets added, and some tweaking on a few of the older ones. New audio examples added in the first post. This batch of new presets are a bit warmer in general, some more acoustic elements added like voices, strings (plucked and others) few arps, warmer pads etc. And again, you can shape most sounds (or fine tune) into something completely different with the x/y pad and/or the mod wheel. Hope you find something useful in there!

  • Dave Magoo I am getting the gobbledygook in Documents, too - but you can still save the file and (through Documents, again) open it in Nave. I have a feeling you can do that with Goodreader too.

  • Ok, from the ipad only the rar link worked for me. Opened into goodreader. Made sure I had switched from preview file to the manage file tab, and then easily opened into Nave. Deleted the original Chris bank from within app. Sounds very nice..., thanks. :)

  • I don't know if Nave just replaces the old one with the new if importing a bank with the same name. But the new links in the first post above contains all presets, old and new. So I think any method will do? And if you end up with 2 ChrisG banks in Nave, just the delete the old one.

  • Yeah, a second bank was added with "-1" added to the name. Easy enough to install the new and delete the old. I had obviously edited my post while you were replying...sorry. :)